Where to open a large term deposit?

VIP deposits from 1 million rubles. offer Raiffeisen bank, Home Credit, UniCredit, Renaissance. The duration of the contract ranges from 1-3 months to several years. In addition, many banks have a service called private banking and offer wealthy clients special deposit conditions. You can find out about this at the office of a credit institution or from a personal manager. The most profitable term deposits in 2020.

Here are some examples of profitable time deposits from different categories.


A striking example is the Leadership Strategy contribution at Bank. The minimum amount is 100 thousand rubles. The rate is up to 9.5%. A deposit can be opened only by purchasing an investment life insurance (LIS) policy. The term for placing funds is 300 days. There is no possibility of partial withdrawal and replenishment. The bank pays interest at the end of the deposit term to the card or account.

Where to open a large term deposit?

What is the essence of the scheme? The client draws up an insurance policy and contributes funds to the program. Part of the funds is placed in fixed-income instruments, which guarantees the return of the entire amount at the end of the contract, the other part goes to high-yield instruments. When an insured event occurs, the depositor receives a payment.

Most profitable term deposits – Seasonal

Seasonal products are introduced in the lineup in honor of an event. In the year of its anniversary, Uralsib offers its customers a “We Together” contribution. Interest is paid daily. The minimum deposit amount is 100 thousand rubles. The deposit can be opened for 367, 732 or 1100 days. No replenishment and withdrawal. The rate is up to 8%.

With partial withdrawal option

A deposit with the withdrawal of “Collateral” is available in TKB. Do not be alarmed by the name. It only means that the funds on deposit can be used as collateral for a loan. The minimum deposit amount is 200 thousand rubles, the placement period is 1100 days. The rate is 7.5%. The possibility of replenishment is not provided. But you can withdraw a certain amount ahead of schedule, however, expenditure operations are limited by a minimum balance.

With replenishment

A profitable product in this category is Sovcombank’s “Record Interest” contribution. The rate depends on the term. For 2 months it is 7.6% per annum, for a year – 7%. The minimum deposit amount is 50 thousand rubles. You can deposit funds within 10 days. The minimum replenishment amount is 1000 rubles. During the term of the contract, the amount of all additional contributions may not exceed the original amount paid within 10 calendar days from the date of opening the deposit. Both cash and non-cash replenishment methods are possible. Partial withdrawal is not provided.

The deposit rate will be higher by 1% for Halva card holders if the following conditions are met:

  1. At least 5 operations were performed during the reporting period;
  2. total amount of purchases from 10 thousand rubles. for the reporting month (own or borrowed funds);
  3. There is no overdue debt on the Halva card.

Multicurrency Deposits

One of these products is Smart Vklad Tinkoff. Interest is paid every month – on a deposit or card. It is not necessary to wait for the deposit to close to withdraw part of the money. You can save at the same time in rubles, dollars, euros, pounds sterling. It is possible to convert currencies within the deposit without loss of accumulated interest.