Software for Banking management & data processing

ECM (End User Computing Management)

Software for the management of individual data processing (IDV)

New challenges on the market and the requirements of financial supervision require consistent IDV management. ECM offers all the functions required to map a holistic IDV management process, from recording to categorization to reporting. The determination of the protection requirements and the resulting minimum requirements are also supported in this process. Any IDV software versions can be archived with their test plans, test data and documentation in a traceable and recoverable manner …


Credit portfolio management / debt management for commercial borrowers and municipalities

Management of the loan portfolio in companies and institutions CapControl is the software for the management of the loan portfolio of commercial or public borrowers. Fast calculation routines also allow global calculations for loan portfolios with several thousand loans. The task. The management of the loan portfolio: the planning of the financing processes based on planned projects, the control of the ‘prolongation business’, the ongoing monitoring with regard to liquidity / interest rate risks …


S&D share register – self-managed share management

Extensive functions for intuitive management of the share register. The S&D share register software is suitable for different requirements: registered shares, bearer shares, vinkulation, one nominal value or several nominal values ​​and no-par shares. It offers extensive functions for keeping a share register. A structured workflow in master data management minimizes the administrative effort. It is possible to differentiate between large and small, employee and institutional shareholders.

Building evaluation direct – real estate valuation

Prepared schemes for quick property and building evaluation. A professional property valuation is very important in practice. In order to correctly determine the market value of a property, complex legal regulations and valuation procedures must be taken into account and applied properly. The software “building evaluation direct” offers a simple solution for a real property evaluation. Your decisive advantages: A fully prepared, up-to-date valuation process greatly simplifies your market value calculation! …

KPV capital investments – planning and administration

Holistic wealth management including reporting

KPV (capital investments – planning and administration) is foreign currency capable and has a modular structure. The application is also multi-client capable and can therefore map different company structures. The focus is on the mapping of the regulatory reporting. The automatic generation of reports and notifications in accordance with the collective order dated June 21, 2011 (BaFin order) or the capital investment-relevant DÜVA evidence is based on the data managed by KPV in the certified secondary accounting system …

VAMOS.6 loans

Management and processing of loan contracts in the middle and / or back office

Manage loans efficiently, cost-effectively and legally securely in a modern environment. VAMOS.6 loan supports all processes related to the mortgage loan business in an easy-to-use environment. It depicts the entire life cycle of a mortgage loan from the application, conclusion of the contract, payment, updating of the inventory to prolongation or repayment in the form of a continuous advisory and settlement process. The processes can be configured in a user-oriented way using the integrated process control and extensive parameterization. The system ensures a high level of flexibility and consistency of processes without media breaks and thus increases time and cost efficiency.

Teammate +

TeamMate + is a modern, web-based audit software with extensive functions. The collaborative structure, analytics, and trend capabilities accelerate your organization’s success in identifying and managing potential risks. Thanks to its ultra-modern design, TeamMate + is particularly easy to implement and just as easy to learn. Comprehensive compatibility: Compatible with all browser types and end devices, including touchscreens …

LeaseOS leasing contract management

Complete solution for leasing contract management, full service and fleet management

The comprehensive and modular leasing software LeaseOS enables the efficient management of leasing business models. Based on current and globally established IT standards, LeaseOS significantly optimizes process quality and provides the leasing company and fleet manager with clear added value advantages. Diverse, innovative features as well as extensive interfaces and online tools make LeaseOS a powerful complete solution that is offered as a standard package or as an individually expandable system …

ITS – software for financial service providers and insurance brokers

Administrative and controlling software for financial service providers and insurance brokers

ITS offers financial service providers and insurance brokers of all sizes the functionality, administration and customer contacts to be perfectly organized. ITS offers the opportunity to optimally map and support your work processes. You will not receive a “standard program”. We analyze your needs together with you and thus create the optimal level of support and your tailor-made software – based on proven modules and functions.

FLF Decision Engine

The decision engine is a decision engine for determining creditworthiness

The decision engine is basically a decision engine for automated decision making. At the same time, it is an automated engine for collecting information about customers and suppliers. The use is not only limited to the customer relationship. Companies with many supplier relationships (manufacturers, dealer organizations, purchasing organizations, department stores, etc.) can also use the system. The decisions can be made fully automatically or manually based on data collection by an authorized decision-maker …

3OpenOnline – old-age provision multi-tariff comparison

With this program you can access the original tariff calculator of approx. 35 life insurance companies. Customers and contract data can be stored directly in the original applications from the product providers. The user interface was completely redesigned in 2018.