Banking products and services on special conditions

Clients of  Bank can receive our products and services on special conditions. For example, for employees of companies participating in the salary project, interest rates on credit cards are 2% per annum lower than for other customers, and the MasterCard Standard credit card is serviced free of charge. Also, salary card holders can withdraw their own funds for free, not only at Bank ATMs, but also at more than 9,000 ATMs of third-party banks that are part of the Unified Settlement System (ORS). These are such banks as, for example, Absolute, IBRD, Nomos, OTP, Rosbank, Rus-bank, Sobin.

When issuing cards of the classic, gold or platinum categories, SMP Bank gives free insurance to all “ordinary” holders. For SMP Bank cardholders, promotions and prize draws are regularly held, and a special discount program is in place. Our customers can receive discounts at the companies participating in it, and these are: shops, beauty salons, hotels, travel agencies, etc.

Banking products and Services

Bank products and services list

The first year of service is free of charge In addition, there are co-branded cards at  Bank (SMP Aeroflot Bonus, SMP Transaero, SMP KHL) that give their holders additional advantages. Also, SMP Bank offers a preferential rate for servicing bank cards for its depositors (the “Client” tariff) and, conversely, for cardholders who are open at certain rates, special deposit conditions apply (“Aerobonus”, “Just Married”, “Platinum Financial Multiplier” ») And rental of bank safes. And for customers receiving part of the VAT refund on their Tax Free checks, SMP Bank also provides special conditions for opening a card: the first year of service is free of charge.

All Bank cardholders receive a monthly accrual of interest on the account balance: 5% per annum for salary cards, up to 5.25% for cards opened at retail rates. There is a separate list of privileges in Bank for holders of premium cards – gold and platinum. When applying for such cards, customers receive a free insurance policy for traveling abroad or an accident insurance policy (for Platinum – both policies), free SMS-informing and Concierge services. In addition, Bank platinum cardholders receive a 25% discount on the rental of bank safes and the opportunity to make a special deposit with increased interest rates “Platinum Financial Multiplier”.

Commercial banks products and services

Development of loyalty programs. True, no matter what programs are developed in order to attract and retain a client, the human factor still decides a lot. The operator who came to work in a bad mood, and askance, “not loyally” looked at the client, or a poorly informed specialist who couldn’t tell clearly about the product, or a “dead” phone that couldn’t reach you at all, can negate everything marketing efforts. So, as before, banks rightly believe that along with the development of loyalty programs, special attention should be focused today on the professional knowledge of their employees, on their psychological training. But this topic is already another material.

Sber bank has launched the process of issuing loans based solely on artificial intelligence. They say that now the whole process of approval, including legal examination, takes seven minutes against two to three weeks when people made the decision. AI has the right to approve loans in the amount of up to 2 billion rubles. At the moment, the liquidity of the portfolio of corporate loans issued by AI is “at a positive level”.

Banking LiveTex

This is a system for effective customer support in modern communication channels. Helps financial institutions attract more targeted calls, reduce costs, increase loyalty and analyze the quality of service. All digital channels for customer service. Allow not to miss a single call. Managers work in a single interface with many calls at the same time and without loss of quality. It is possible to integrate into the internal systems of banks, chatbots and CRM-systems., The formation of a single customer story. The analytics system includes load analysis in communication channels, operators’ performance indicators, and other KPIs. Flexible system settings allow you to distribute the load in peak situations, while maintaining a high level of service.