What is degree symbol temperature?

Degree symbol temperature is an intensive quantity and describes the energy state of matter. All materials have atoms and molecules that are in constant motion, vibrating or rotating. Simplifying this difficult subject, the more they move, the higher the temperature of the material. The temperature of an object can be defined as the average kinetic energy of its atoms and molecules, a definition of degree symbol  temperature that we can understand relatively easily. Kelvin is the unit of fundamental physical magnitude called thermodynamic temperature (T) and is currently defined as the fraction 1 / 273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water (exactly 0.01 ° C / 32.02 ° F).

Celsius Free Icon of Linear weather elements

what is hot and what is cold?

Everything is quite relative, so the terms “cold” and “hot” are not very precise or scientific. Therefore, we need a more specific way to indicate the temperature. Several different temperature scales and units have been developed in recent centuries. And since different scales have been used in various parts of the world, there are still several different scales in use. The actual specifications of some of the old temperature scales were not very exact at first (for example, the temperature of the human body), but later specific reference points and specifications were created with great accuracy.

For high temperatures there is really no limit, and it is possible to get very high. For example, the surface temperature of the sun is 5800 kelvins, while the temperature inside the sun reaches 13.6 million kelvins. But for the lower end of temperature there is a very specific limit, absolute zero being the lowest possible temperature. Absolute zero is a theoretical state that may never be achieved. Theoretically, all movement of the atoms would stop almost completely and retain only zero-point energy from the quantum mechanical system. Absolute zero in temperature equals 0 kelvins, -273.15 ° Celsius (centigrade), or -459.67 ° Fahrenheit. In outer space, the temperature is quite cold and the average of the universe is less than 3 kelvins.

International temperature scales

Thermodynamic temperature is very difficult to measure, and several international temperature scales have been published for practical measurements Still other scales have been used, for example PLTS-2000 for improved measurements of very low temperatures in the range 0.9 mK … 1 K (Provisional Low Temperature Scale of the year 2000).

By international agreement, the current ITS-90 scale is based on the aforementioned thermodynamic temperature (T). The scale defines the methods for calibrating a specified type of thermometer so that the results are accurate and repeatable throughout the world. Furthermore, the numerical values ​​are believed to be as close as possible to the actual thermodynamic temperature (T) in time. Methods for implementing the ITS-90 temperature scale include set points and functions to interpolate temperatures between set values.

Temperature units

Kelvin (K)

Kelvin is the base unit of temperature in the SI system (International System of Units). The abbreviation for the Kelvin unit is K (no degrees or degrees symbol). The Kelvin unit was first introduced by William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) in 1848. As mentioned above, the kelvin is currently defined as a fraction of 1 / 273.16 parts of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water. ; absolute zero corresponds to 0 K. The size of a kelvin is the same as one degree Celsius. The melting temperature of ice is 273.15 K (the triple point of water is 273.16 K). Kelvin is often used in science and technology. But it’s not really used that much in everyday life. The symbol for Kelvin temperature in the scope of ITS-90 is T90 with the letter T capitalized. definition of kelvin that links it to Boltzmann’s constant, as a continuation of work to define all SI units by fundamental physical constants.

Celsius (° C)

The degree Celsius is currently a unit of temperature derived from the SI system, with the kelvin being the base unit. The abbreviation for Celsius is ° C (degree Celsius) and the magnitude of one degree symbol Celsius is the same as one kelvin. The Celsius scale and unit were first introduced by Swedish scientist Andreas Celsius in 1742. The two main reference points on the Celsius scale were the freezing point of water (or the melting point of ice), which is defined as 0 ° C, and the boiling point of water, which is 100 ° C.

Software for Banking management & data processing

ECM (End User Computing Management)

Software for the management of individual data processing (IDV)

New challenges on the market and the requirements of financial supervision require consistent IDV management. ECM offers all the functions required to map a holistic IDV management process, from recording to categorization to reporting. The determination of the protection requirements and the resulting minimum requirements are also supported in this process. Any IDV software versions can be archived with their test plans, test data and documentation in a traceable and recoverable manner …


Credit portfolio management / debt management for commercial borrowers and municipalities

Management of the loan portfolio in companies and institutions CapControl is the software for the management of the loan portfolio of commercial or public borrowers. Fast calculation routines also allow global calculations for loan portfolios with several thousand loans. The task. The management of the loan portfolio: the planning of the financing processes based on planned projects, the control of the ‘prolongation business’, the ongoing monitoring with regard to liquidity / interest rate risks …


S&D share register – self-managed share management

Extensive functions for intuitive management of the share register. The S&D share register software is suitable for different requirements: registered shares, bearer shares, vinkulation, one nominal value or several nominal values ​​and no-par shares. It offers extensive functions for keeping a share register. A structured workflow in master data management minimizes the administrative effort. It is possible to differentiate between large and small, employee and institutional shareholders.

Building evaluation direct – real estate valuation

Prepared schemes for quick property and building evaluation. A professional property valuation is very important in practice. In order to correctly determine the market value of a property, complex legal regulations and valuation procedures must be taken into account and applied properly. The software “building evaluation direct” offers a simple solution for a real property evaluation. Your decisive advantages: A fully prepared, up-to-date valuation process greatly simplifies your market value calculation! …

KPV capital investments – planning and administration

Holistic wealth management including reporting

KPV (capital investments – planning and administration) is foreign currency capable and has a modular structure. The application is also multi-client capable and can therefore map different company structures. The focus is on the mapping of the regulatory reporting. The automatic generation of reports and notifications in accordance with the collective order dated June 21, 2011 (BaFin order) or the capital investment-relevant DÜVA evidence is based on the data managed by KPV in the certified secondary accounting system …

VAMOS.6 loans

Management and processing of loan contracts in the middle and / or back office

Manage loans efficiently, cost-effectively and legally securely in a modern environment. VAMOS.6 loan supports all processes related to the mortgage loan business in an easy-to-use environment. It depicts the entire life cycle of a mortgage loan from the application, conclusion of the contract, payment, updating of the inventory to prolongation or repayment in the form of a continuous advisory and settlement process. The processes can be configured in a user-oriented way using the integrated process control and extensive parameterization. The system ensures a high level of flexibility and consistency of processes without media breaks and thus increases time and cost efficiency.

Teammate +

TeamMate + is a modern, web-based audit software with extensive functions. The collaborative structure, analytics, and trend capabilities accelerate your organization’s success in identifying and managing potential risks. Thanks to its ultra-modern design, TeamMate + is particularly easy to implement and just as easy to learn. Comprehensive compatibility: Compatible with all browser types and end devices, including touchscreens …

LeaseOS leasing contract management

Complete solution for leasing contract management, full service and fleet management

The comprehensive and modular leasing software LeaseOS enables the efficient management of leasing business models. Based on current and globally established IT standards, LeaseOS significantly optimizes process quality and provides the leasing company and fleet manager with clear added value advantages. Diverse, innovative features as well as extensive interfaces and online tools make LeaseOS a powerful complete solution that is offered as a standard package or as an individually expandable system …

ITS – software for financial service providers and insurance brokers

Administrative and controlling software for financial service providers and insurance brokers

ITS offers financial service providers and insurance brokers of all sizes the functionality, administration and customer contacts to be perfectly organized. ITS offers the opportunity to optimally map and support your work processes. You will not receive a “standard program”. We analyze your needs together with you and thus create the optimal level of support and your tailor-made software – based on proven modules and functions.

FLF Decision Engine

The decision engine is a decision engine for determining creditworthiness

The decision engine is basically a decision engine for automated decision making. At the same time, it is an automated engine for collecting information about customers and suppliers. The use is not only limited to the customer relationship. Companies with many supplier relationships (manufacturers, dealer organizations, purchasing organizations, department stores, etc.) can also use the system. The decisions can be made fully automatically or manually based on data collection by an authorized decision-maker …

3OpenOnline – old-age provision multi-tariff comparison

With this program you can access the original tariff calculator of approx. 35 life insurance companies. Customers and contract data can be stored directly in the original applications from the product providers. The user interface was completely redesigned in 2018.

Where to open a large term deposit?

VIP deposits from 1 million rubles. offer Raiffeisen bank, Home Credit, UniCredit, Renaissance. The duration of the contract ranges from 1-3 months to several years. In addition, many banks have a service called private banking and offer wealthy clients special deposit conditions. You can find out about this at the office of a credit institution or from a personal manager. The most profitable term deposits in 2020.

Here are some examples of profitable time deposits from different categories.


A striking example is the Leadership Strategy contribution at Bank. The minimum amount is 100 thousand rubles. The rate is up to 9.5%. A deposit can be opened only by purchasing an investment life insurance (LIS) policy. The term for placing funds is 300 days. There is no possibility of partial withdrawal and replenishment. The bank pays interest at the end of the deposit term to the card or account.

Where to open a large term deposit?

What is the essence of the scheme? The client draws up an insurance policy and contributes funds to the program. Part of the funds is placed in fixed-income instruments, which guarantees the return of the entire amount at the end of the contract, the other part goes to high-yield instruments. When an insured event occurs, the depositor receives a payment.

Most profitable term deposits – Seasonal

Seasonal products are introduced in the lineup in honor of an event. In the year of its anniversary, Uralsib offers its customers a “We Together” contribution. Interest is paid daily. The minimum deposit amount is 100 thousand rubles. The deposit can be opened for 367, 732 or 1100 days. No replenishment and withdrawal. The rate is up to 8%.

With partial withdrawal option

A deposit with the withdrawal of “Collateral” is available in TKB. Do not be alarmed by the name. It only means that the funds on deposit can be used as collateral for a loan. The minimum deposit amount is 200 thousand rubles, the placement period is 1100 days. The rate is 7.5%. The possibility of replenishment is not provided. But you can withdraw a certain amount ahead of schedule, however, expenditure operations are limited by a minimum balance.

With replenishment

A profitable product in this category is Sovcombank’s “Record Interest” contribution. The rate depends on the term. For 2 months it is 7.6% per annum, for a year – 7%. The minimum deposit amount is 50 thousand rubles. You can deposit funds within 10 days. The minimum replenishment amount is 1000 rubles. During the term of the contract, the amount of all additional contributions may not exceed the original amount paid within 10 calendar days from the date of opening the deposit. Both cash and non-cash replenishment methods are possible. Partial withdrawal is not provided.

The deposit rate will be higher by 1% for Halva card holders if the following conditions are met:

  1. At least 5 operations were performed during the reporting period;
  2. total amount of purchases from 10 thousand rubles. for the reporting month (own or borrowed funds);
  3. There is no overdue debt on the Halva card.

Multicurrency Deposits

One of these products is Smart Vklad Tinkoff. Interest is paid every month – on a deposit or card. It is not necessary to wait for the deposit to close to withdraw part of the money. You can save at the same time in rubles, dollars, euros, pounds sterling. It is possible to convert currencies within the deposit without loss of accumulated interest.

Private banking | What is a private bank ?

Specializing in the management of large portfolios, a private bank offers high-end services to its clients with regard to the management of their wealth. Private banks can be isolated companies, but often they are an additional service to commercial banks.

What is a private bank?

A private bank is a bank that offers personalized and extensive services. She is mainly specialized in the management of financial portfolios and wealth.Historically, private banks have been family banks. Today, a private bank can be a specialized bank or be a department apart from a generalist bank.

Private banking

A private bank can be oriented towards a clientele:

  • individuals;
  • businesses;

Who is private banking for?

Private banking is mainly aimed at clients who have a certain level of financial assets or income. You can benefit from the services of a private bank if you have at least:

  1. € 70,000 in financial assets;
  2. or € 50,000 in annual income.

However, a private bank generally deals with the money of individuals whose net worth is very important . For most banks, the floor amount is € 150,000, but it can amount to € 1 million.

A private bank has 3 different management levels:

  1. asset management  : for amounts between 150 K € and 1 M €;
  2. private management  : for amounts between 1 M € and 5 M €;
  3. wealth management  : for amounts greater than € 5 million.

Note  : there is also a management system reserved for wealthy families known as “family offices”.

Wealth management

  • Wealth management is mainly aimed at clients who have income or financial assets between € 50,000 and € 1 million. These services aim to offer:
  • real estate loans dedicated to rental investment;
  • high-end life insurance;
  • wealth management advice;
  • investment advice.

Asset management

Asset management, or private management, is aimed at clients who have between 1 and 5 million Euros in income or financial assets.

  • Customers benefit above all from advice, whether at
  • legal;
  • fiscal;
  • In addition to this, they benefit from all the high-end banking services with:
  • means of payment with high ceilings;
  • comprehensive insurance at international level;
  • personalized follow-up.

Wealth management

Wealth management concerns clients who have at least 5 million Euros in financial assets. The private bank will then offer private or professional customers to manage everything related to:

  • transactions in the event of sale;
  • family heritage;
  • estate, etc.

Management forms of a private bank

A private bank can manage an asset or a fortune in two different ways: in assisted management or in delegated management.

Assisted management

As the name suggests, it is simply assistance in the form of advice. The clients are supported by an asset manager, but it is they who carry out the operations as they wish. It is therefore preferable that the client knows a minimum the tricks of finance.Note : assisted management is not necessarily offered by all banking establishments.

Delegated management

When the asset manager himself takes over part of the asset, this is called delegated management. In other words, the client entrusts the management of already constituted capital to a specialized banker. For management to be effective, a management mandate must be signed in favor of the manager.

Services offered by a private bank

With wealth managers having a small number of clients to manage, money management in private banking is very personalized and relationships are privileged. In order to best balance the wealth of customers, the main services offered by a private bank are:

  • financial and patrimonial expertise;
  • investment advice: purchase of securities, real estate, works of art, etc. ;
  • investment advice;
  • Advice on retirement, insurance and inheritance.

Private banking: access to the service

The subscription to this kind of service is generally done annually by paying the bank a fee in the form of fees.It is not easy to assess the cost of a subscription to a private bank because it depends on the bank itself, on the services offered but also and above all on the value of the assets to be managed.

Banking products and services on special conditions

Clients of  Bank can receive our products and services on special conditions. For example, for employees of companies participating in the salary project, interest rates on credit cards are 2% per annum lower than for other customers, and the MasterCard Standard credit card is serviced free of charge. Also, salary card holders can withdraw their own funds for free, not only at Bank ATMs, but also at more than 9,000 ATMs of third-party banks that are part of the Unified Settlement System (ORS). These are such banks as, for example, Absolute, IBRD, Nomos, OTP, Rosbank, Rus-bank, Sobin.

When issuing cards of the classic, gold or platinum categories, SMP Bank gives free insurance to all “ordinary” holders. For SMP Bank cardholders, promotions and prize draws are regularly held, and a special discount program is in place. Our customers can receive discounts at the companies participating in it, and these are: shops, beauty salons, hotels, travel agencies, etc.

Banking products and Services

Bank products and services list

The first year of service is free of charge In addition, there are co-branded cards at  Bank (SMP Aeroflot Bonus, SMP Transaero, SMP KHL) that give their holders additional advantages. Also, SMP Bank offers a preferential rate for servicing bank cards for its depositors (the “Client” tariff) and, conversely, for cardholders who are open at certain rates, special deposit conditions apply (“Aerobonus”, “Just Married”, “Platinum Financial Multiplier” ») And rental of bank safes. And for customers receiving part of the VAT refund on their Tax Free checks, SMP Bank also provides special conditions for opening a card: the first year of service is free of charge.

All Bank cardholders receive a monthly accrual of interest on the account balance: 5% per annum for salary cards, up to 5.25% for cards opened at retail rates. There is a separate list of privileges in Bank for holders of premium cards – gold and platinum. When applying for such cards, customers receive a free insurance policy for traveling abroad or an accident insurance policy (for Platinum – both policies), free SMS-informing and Concierge services. In addition, Bank platinum cardholders receive a 25% discount on the rental of bank safes and the opportunity to make a special deposit with increased interest rates “Platinum Financial Multiplier”.

Commercial banks products and services

Development of loyalty programs. True, no matter what programs are developed in order to attract and retain a client, the human factor still decides a lot. The operator who came to work in a bad mood, and askance, “not loyally” looked at the client, or a poorly informed specialist who couldn’t tell clearly about the product, or a “dead” phone that couldn’t reach you at all, can negate everything marketing efforts. So, as before, banks rightly believe that along with the development of loyalty programs, special attention should be focused today on the professional knowledge of their employees, on their psychological training. But this topic is already another material.

Sber bank has launched the process of issuing loans based solely on artificial intelligence. They say that now the whole process of approval, including legal examination, takes seven minutes against two to three weeks when people made the decision. AI has the right to approve loans in the amount of up to 2 billion rubles. At the moment, the liquidity of the portfolio of corporate loans issued by AI is “at a positive level”.

Banking LiveTex

This is a system for effective customer support in modern communication channels. Helps financial institutions attract more targeted calls, reduce costs, increase loyalty and analyze the quality of service. All digital channels for customer service. Allow not to miss a single call. Managers work in a single interface with many calls at the same time and without loss of quality. It is possible to integrate into the internal systems of banks, chatbots and CRM-systems., The formation of a single customer story. The analytics system includes load analysis in communication channels, operators’ performance indicators, and other KPIs. Flexible system settings allow you to distribute the load in peak situations, while maintaining a high level of service.

Bank participation in government programs

Sometimes privileges are given to clients of a certain age category. For example, to pensioners, students or representatives of a social group, a certain profession: municipal employees, metallurgists, military, young families. Often the developer of such programs is the state. Recall co-financing programs for car loans or special mortgage programs. Such programs are social in nature. Bank participation in government programs is one way to attract and retain customers.

Dmitry Zubok, Head of Retail Business, Yekaterinburg Branch of Svyaz-Bank a: Our bank has loyalty programs. For example, we offer employees of budgetary organizations and accredited companies to obtain consumer loans on favorable terms at 15% per annum for up to 1 year, 16% for up to 3 years, 17% for up to 5 years. Also, for this category of customers, a consumer loan is provided without charging additional fees. And for all clients with a positive credit history, there is a special mortgage lending program – “Housing for the Reliable”. Under this program, interest rates for using credit are reduced by 0.5%.

Bank participation

Co-branding programs

But not only lowering interest rates can attract a client. Bonuses that the client accumulates in the process of communicating with the bank add “points” to the bank bdv en linea. Co-branding loyalty programs are based on the joint efforts to attract and retain customers of the two brands. The bank’s partner may be a retailer, airline, mobile operator, and payment system. A bank bonus card is issued, in fact it is a credit bank card, upon payment of which bonuses are awarded to the client (either “miles” or “minutes”). The launch of a joint bonus loyalty program is a mutually beneficial alliance. The bank is interested in a new customer base, which is provided by the partner. And also in increasing the frequency of purchases by credit card and the amount of the check. The partner is also not in the loser. Quite possible,

Absolut Bank has opened a separate section on its website dedicated to the privilege program of the bank’s plastic card holders. On the page “Absolute Discount” you can find out about the size of discounts and special offers that bank customers can get in restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, fitness centers, medical centers, travel agencies, shops, boutiques. Alfa-Bank co-branded cards are known, issued in conjunction with Cosmo and Maxim magazines, giving their holders a lot of advantages. As well as the “discount card” of “UniCredit Bank” with program partners. (A joint card with S7 Airlines was announced the other day) Marina Nikitina, Deputy Director of the Regional Center Uralsky ZAO Raiffeisenbank:

Offer reduced interest rates on loan products

To clients who receive wages for at least the last 2 months at Raiffeisenbank. A loan can be obtained for any purpose, for a period of up to 5 years, without collateral and sureties. A loan specialist can come to the client’s office to consult and receive documents, for this it is enough just to call the Bank and set a convenient time; – to purchase a car on credit under the Bank’s special program www.banco banesco (more than 16 existing special programs), thanks to agreements reached with car distributors in Russia; – Raiffeisenbank clients on a mortgage loan (decrease in the rate by 0.25%), if the application is submitted for consideration through the Bank’s partners – real estate agencies.

The privilege system is implemented with the help of the Bank’s joint credit card partners. Currently, customers can purchase three types of co-branded credit cards at https://banescenlinea.com/: Raiffeisenbank-MTS, Raiffeisenbank-ELLE and Raiffeisenbank-Austrian Airlines. The use of such cards allows you to receive bonuses in partner companies (accumulate bonuses to pay for mobile communications, flights, receive discounts at retail outlets). When paying for goods and services with Raiffeisenbank cards – debit and credit (including co-branding), the “Discounts for You” loyalty program (discounts at more than 100 retail outlets in Yekaterinburg) is in effect.

Raiffeisenbank is positioning itself as “a universal bank capable of satisfying all the financial needs of a client at a high level bicentenario.” The main priorities of our work are service and quality. The presence of loyalty programs for customers is one of the important stages in creating an individual service.